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Declaration for Participative Global Democracy

Today’s global challenges call for global solutions. This initiative arises out of an acknowledgment that current international decision-making systems are not adequately addressing the sweeping global challenges. Global solutions require faster and more impactful global democratic citizens.

We recognize that building a global democratic system is a very big undertaking, requiring cooperation from individuals and organizations from around the world. Both individually and collectively as part of the GDI, we are committed to working towards the establishment of a global  democracy  system  that  could  solve  global  challenge such  as  for  example climate change, pandemics, or economic crises. We believe that only a joint effort of aligned pro-democratic organizations can achieve this.

As such, we agree on the shared objective to work together towards achieving more democratic and more global decision making on global topics and have identified seven shared key positions:

1. Collectively, we agree that a global democracy should have been established years ago;

2. We agree on the  need  for global democratic decision-making, understood as inclusive and participative decision-making processes on the global level that follow democratic principles and are established based on democratic decisions;

3. We are committed to supporting the GDI while each member-organization will remain independent, with  each organization continuing to pursue its own stated mission:

• The GDI will not compromise the individual agendas of member-organizations. Instead, we will support and promote our shared objective through  inter-organizational synergies, sharing know-how and contributing our resources and expertise;

• We will continue to promote our shared initiative by inviting organizations working on global democracy;

4. We agree that while global democracy is the definitive goal, there is still a clear need for further conceptual development to agree on the best shape and form. We want to implement the best solution.  This might be an existing version of one member organization, the combination of solutions or a completely new system.

5. We commit to supporting this development, mindful that we will contribute in different ways to the realization of global democracy. In terms of organization, we aim for:

all member-organizations to meet regularly, at least annually in an official meeting to assess and discuss progress of the global democracy project at large; and

form inter-organizational working groups, organized according to our respective fields  of  interest  and  expertise, consisting of a group leader charged with coordinating the group, and communication with the various other working groups. Working groups will meet regularly and focus on the further development of the concept of a global democracy and the eventual collaborative implementation of this vision.

6. We also commit to ensuring that the efforts of the GDI will be protected from co-optation.

7. In this spirit we commit to working together to make a real difference by 2025;

Jointly as GDI members, we will therefore coordinate our respective strengths and areas of expertise without compromising the unique ethos and agenda of each member organization. Through this initiative, we will work together to achieve our shared goal: Global Democracy, by and for everyone on Earth.

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