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We are a coalition building a system of participative global democracy. Letter of IntentGloKi™ White Paper
Vision of the Global Democracy Initiative

A democratic system that allows global citizens to weigh in on how global problems will be solved.

Mission of the Global Democracy Initiative

Conceptualize  and  implement  a  global  democratic  system  to  find global  solutions  for today’s global challenges.

Our Members
Launch of the Global Democracy Initiative
Values of the Global Democracy Initiative

Global Democracy

We believe in the power of citizens to participate directly in global decision-making.

Global Citizenship

We recognize that our common humanity binds us together and implores us to cooperate as a unified and diverse human species.

Open Source Innovation

We discover and build new ways for people to cooperate, decide, and act on global issues, and we share these tools with the world.

Democratize Global Power

Today’s  global  challenges  call  for  global  solutions. This  initiative  arises  out  of  an acknowledgment  that  current  international  decision-making  systems  are  not  adequately addressing  the  sweeping  global  challenges. Global  solutions require  faster  and  more impactful global democratic citizens.

We recognize that building a global democratic system is a very big undertaking, requiring cooperation from individuals and organizations from around the world. Both individually and collectively as part of the GDI, we are committed to working towards the establishment of a global  democracy  system  that  could  solve  global  challenges such  as  climate change, pandemics, or economic crises. We believe that only a joint effort of aligned pro-democratic organizations can achieve this.

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